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  • Bryan Hunter

Ohio 2021 Minimum Wage (Effective 1/1/2021)

As of January 1, 2021, the minimum wage for non-tipped employees in Ohio will rise from $8.70 to $8.80 per hour, a 10-cent increase. Any tipped employees will have their base pay go from $4.35 to $4.40 an hour.

This bump can be attributed to the constitutional amendment voted on in 2006 by the citizens of Ohio that raises the minimum wage in the state each year based on the Consumer Price Index that increase

s it to meet inflation. The bump will bring a 40-hour workweek employee to $352.

Ohio businesses with gross receipts of less than $323,000 in 2020, and for those workers under the age of 16, the minimum wage remains $7.25, which is the federal minimum wage. Ohio Min Wage Poster:

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