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Acceptable Logo Usage and Colors (logos below are in color in original document)









                          Logo in Black:                                                  Negative white logo on

                          100% Black                                                      transparent background

937 PAYROLL may provide You with artwork of the 937 PAYROLL Logo. If provided, You must use this artwork, which You may not alter in any way. The 937 PAYROLL Logo may be used in only two formats: Positives – For black use only; Negative – For reverse use (white logo on dark background). The logo has been developed with different weight stroke for these two versions.

The 937 PAYROLL Logo must stand alone. A minimum amount of empty space must be left between a logo and any other object such as type, photography, borders, edges, etc.

Additional requirements for web site use:

Required border of empty space around a logo must be minimum of 10 pixels.

Minimum print size for the 937 PAYROLL Logo is 7/8 inch wide.

Minimum online size for the 937 PAYROLL Logo is 56 pixels wide.

Position of the 937 PAYROLL Logo from a roll edge should be 30 pixels from the left and 10 pixels from the top.

The 937 PAYROLL Logo must be reproduced in 937 PAYROLL's standard black color.

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